How To Choose A Suitable Bore Snake Camera?

Bore snake camera has a wide range of applications, their designs that conform to industry characteristics are often used by special equipment inspection engineers, maintenance and repair engineers, petrochemical power construction contractors, municipal drainage maintenance engineers, and plumbers to inspect those difficult to reach or enter areas.

The lens of the camera snake scope can enter and explore urban sewage drainage systems, rainwater drainage systems, petrochemical process pipelines and other areas that are difficult to reach and detect; when you don’t want to waste too much time, energy and money guessing the pipeline Where defects and faults occur, the bore snake camera is your choice. It can directly reach the inspection area and clearly and intuitively present defects and faults in front of your eyes, which is helpful for the next maintenance and repair plan.

So, when you consider purchasing a bore snake camera, first, you need to consider what you will use it for? Does it need to be waterproof and chemical resistant? How bright is the auxiliary lighting? How long should the probe insertion tube be?

We’ll give you some tips on how to choose a good industrial rigid borescopes. Of course, ultimately you’ll need to make a decision based on your specific needs and budget.

Cable Length: It should be able to reach the area being inspected; usually the cable length of the camera snake scope we provide ranges from 5 to 20 meters; if you need a longer cable or snake tube, pls feel free to contact our sales person.

Cable Material: Simple PVC is enough to cope with most working environments, but it will also be subject to wear and damage, especially in the face of some special working environments; the waterproof endoscope borescope inspection camera we provide have fireproof fiber braided insertion tubes , the hardness of this material is more than 5 times that of stainless steel.

Lens Lighting: Since you plan to use the small diameter flexible borescope to inspect hard-to-reach areas, you will need sufficient auxiliary lighting intensity; having a rotatable and adjustable lens and a bright LED auxiliary lighting system can ensure clear and bright endoscopic inspection images.

Lens Material: The outer protective shell of the lens should be sufficiently waterproof and wear-resistant, and stainless steel is better.

Display and operation controller: The display screen should be as large as possible to present clear and bright detection images while taking portability into consideration.

Image capture and saving: You can save endoscopic inspection images as JPEG format pictures or MPEG format videos to facilitate future report generation and archiving.

Additional functions: An optional input keyboard allows you to input relevant inspection information (defect description, location of damage, etc.) during the inspection process.

Other features: Overall machine weight: Since you will operate the bore snake camera for a long time, the entire machine should be lightweight and have a comfortable hand-held operating handle to reduce your labor intensity.

The miniature wireless transmitter is also a very useful feature in visual inspection applications. It is integrated inside the lens and transmits signals at a frequency of 512 Hz. By receiving the sensor, the position of the lens can be accurately located, helping to determine defects or defects. The location where the blockage occurs facilitates subsequent search and repair.

Endosc is a professional industrial borescope manufacturers with 10 year experience, If you are interested in our bore snake camera, you can contact our product experts, who will be happy to share our accumulated professional product and application knowledge with you; we can also provide prototype demonstrations of industrial endoscopes and professional testing Photos and videos.

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