Effectively Detect Equipment Fault By Inspection Camera Scope

The content shared by Endosc in this article is that inspection camera scope is widely used as a testing tool by merchants and can be used to detect various forms of mechanical equipment faults, such as wrinkles, cracks, unevenness, welds, etc.

The use of digital inspection cameras requires sufficient skills to be able to use this tool flexibly and to maximize the effectiveness of this tool. There are many causes of wear and tear, and the symptoms of wear and tear are also different. How can it be said that there is a wear and tear problem? This is a question that people want to know. If you want to become a professional technician, you need to go through a long period of training and time. As you gain experience, you will naturally understand more.

If you are a technical rookie and do not have rich work experience, you must master more theoretical knowledge to prepare for the specific situations you will encounter in your future work. Combining theory with practical problems can help technicians grow quickly. Only by combining practice and theory can we use inspection camera scope to provide ourselves with the greatest convenience. Moreover, many businesses are really beginning to pay attention to inspect camera, because there is this demand in industry, and the demand is still very strong.

For example, the surface shape of mechanical products has changed, which is a relatively low level of loss. Video scope camera can be used to observe surface changes of various mechanical equipment. For example, if there are wrinkles and cracks, when the light beam is turned on to illuminate the mechanical surface, you will find that there are black shadows and lines on the surface, and there are no actual rules. This is because after the light is turned on, the reflection angles of cracks and smooth places are different. Different illumination effects will be produced, and the brightness will be different. After the surface is magnified many times, the changes in the shape of the material can be clearly displayed, and the brightness will look different if there are cracks and wrinkles.

When we look at it with the naked eye, there is no difference, but the video scope camera will not miss these details. If it is a scratch, the degree of loss will be greater, and the shadow detected by the inspection camera scope will be deeper.

If the unevenness is caused by external force, the digital inspection cameras can also detect it. After turning on the light source, the bright place will be the sunken place. The sunken place will be farther away from the light source. On the contrary, if there is a shadow, it will be Raised areas, this is because the raised areas are very close to the light source, and there will be shadows. The uneven areas will not have too obvious boundaries after turning on the beam, but they can still be seen clearly.

The loss of mechanical equipment that can be detected by an video scope camera is not only the change in shape and structure, but also the loss after chemical reaction. If the surface of the mechanical product is corroded, massive solids will gather together, the surface is uneven, and many small shadows can be seen under the magnification of the inspect camera, which is likely to be corrosion. Welding is also easy to occur in the welding area. After all, this is a splicing process, and gaps will still appear. The gaps that appear between two pieces of materials are prone to losses.

In addition, with the help of inspection camera scope, inspectors can easily discover whether there are missing or redundant parts during the assembly of mechanical equipment. By checking color changes, they can easily find areas of wear and tear. It is easy to move, and even large machinery can be inspected comprehensively.

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