Wireless Visual Ear Spoon 3.5mm Otoscope 8MP Camera Ear Wax Remover

Model: N3 Pro

8 Megapixel high-definition pixels;
3.5MM Ultra-fine caliber food-grade silicone ear scoops;
Built-in CMOS sensor and 6 LED cold light lamps;
6-Axis Directional gyroscope, 360° accurate ear picking;
Visual APP more secure operation;
WiFi Chip stable transmission;
Long-lasting battery life, 40mAh capacity battery;
Exquisite anti-skid pattern Prevent hand slipping.

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3.5mm Wireless Visual Ear Spoon Portable 8MP Ear Sticks Otoscope for Kids and Adults

8 MP HD Pixels

8 megapixel high-definition visual ear spoon that provides clear images in any situation to help you clean your ears more easily and safely.

Visual APP

This ear wax otoscope can take pictures and videos, see the inside of the ear clearly, and prevent blind digging.

Omnidirectional Gyroscope 360° Cleaning

Built-in CMOS sensor and six LED cold light lamps, earwax can be seen at a glance, easy to check and clean the ear canal. The 6-Axis directional gyroscope can achieve 360° accurate ear picking without dead angle, which is convenient for your daily ear cleaning and care.

Q Bomb Silicone Ear Spoon Cover

3.5mm ultra-fine caliber food-grade silicone ear scoops, multiple accessories, this intelligent visual ear spoon is very comfortable and safe to pick ears without hurting your ears, and the whole family can use.

WiFi Chip Stable Transmission

Wide-range WiFi chip, low latency, no stuttering, fast connection.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The 240mAh capacity battery enables the camera ear wax remover to be charged for 2-3 hours and can be used for 60 day.

Thermostat Control Non-stimulating

Avoid high temperature damage to ear canal during use.

Type-C Charging

About 60-day battery life, without frequent charging.

Exquisite Anti-skid Pattern

Prevent hand slipping and accidental ear injury.


Material: PC+ABS
Camera Pixel: 8MP
Camera Diameter: 4.4mm
Led Light: 6 Led Lights
Sensor: 6 Axis
Angle of View: 83°
Focal Length: 1.4~2cm
Waterproof: IP67 Waterproof
Picture Format: JPG
Video Format: MP4/AVI
Support System: iOS/Android
Battery Capacity: 240mhA/1h


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