360° Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Stick 5MP Ear Wax Removal Camera Endoscope

Model: Find X

5MP High-precision camera for clear and detailed visuals;
3.5MM Camera diameter for easy ear canal access;
Directional 6-Axis Gyroscope for precise cleaning maneuvers;
Smart WiFi chip for quick and convenient image transfer;
Intelligent temperature control for safe and comfortable use;
Comfortable Q-elastic ear scoops for gentle ear cleaning.

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Smart Visual Ear Sticks Multifunction Clean Acne Blackhead Remover Ear Wax Removal Kits

High-Precision Camera

Equipped with a 500W high-precision camera, this device delivers clear and detailed images for visual inspection. The high resolution ensures that users can see even the smallest details with clarity, enabling them to identify earwax buildup, acne, and other concerns with precision.

Slim and Sleek Camera Diameter

With a slim 3.5mm camera diameter, this smart visual ear cleaning stick can easily access the ear canal for thorough examination. The compact design allows for comfortable insertion into the ear, providing a clear view of the ear canal for effective cleaning and inspection.

Comfortable Q-Elastic Ear Scoops

These ear scoops are designed to be super comfy, thanks to their special q-elastic material. The elasticity of the material allows for gentle insertion into the ear canal without causing discomfort or irritation. Users can enjoy a comfortable ear cleaning experience without worrying about pain or discomfort.

Professional Stainless Steel Acne Ring

Made from high-quality stainless steel, these acne rings are professional tools for removing stubborn acne without damaging the skin. The non-skin-damaging design ensures that acne can be extracted effectively without leaving behind scars or causing further irritation. Users can safely and effectively address acne concerns with these tools.

Quick and Easy APP Connection

Integrated with a smart WiFi chip, this visual ear eax removal camera enables speedy image transfer to compatible devices. Users can see what’s happening in real-time and share with friends or your doctor without any hassle.

360° Degree Precision Cleaning

The directional 6-Axis Gyroscope provides 360-degree precision cleaning, allowing users to enter the ear canal with accuracy. This feature ensures thorough cleaning of earwax and other gunk, leaving the ears feeling clean and refreshed.

Intelligent Temperature Control

Equipped with intelligent temperature control, this ear wax removal camera endoscope prevents overheating during use, ensuring user safety and comfort. The super-strong temperature control mechanism regulates heat levels to avoid high temperature damage to the skin, providing a safe and comfortable ear cleaning experience.


Material: Aluminum + PC+ABS
Camera Pixel: 5MP
Sensor: 6 Axis
Camera Diameter: 4mm
Led Light: 6 Led Lights
Image Resolution: 1280*720
Angle of View: 95°
Focal Length: 1.4~2cm
Waterproof: IP67
Picture Format: JPG
Video Format: MP4/AVI
Support System: iOS/Android
Battery Capacity: 200mhA/1h


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