Visual Ear Wax Removal Camera Tool Wireless Smart Otoscope Endoscope

Model: Find B Pro-GP

5 Million HD resolution.
4 camera diameter, 6 Axis Gyroscope.
6 Silicone ear pick tips for multi-experience.
APP Synchronously record video.
25℃ Temperature control, non-stimulating.
240 mAh Battery capacity, 60 minutes continuous use.
Excellent WiFi  hip fast and stable signal transmission.
Type-C Charge cable, 70 minutes fast in charge.

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5 Million HD Resolution

With a stunning 5 million HD resolution, every detail inside your ear canal is brought to life with exceptional clarity. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to precise examination with this high-definition visual aid.

4MM Camera Diameter, 6 Axis Gyroscope

Equipped with a 4mm camera diameter and a 6 Axis Gyroscope, this ear wax removal camera tool provides comprehensive coverage and stability during operation. You can navigate effortlessly and explore every angle with ease, ensuring thorough inspection and accurate results.

6 silicone Ear Pick Tips for Multi-experience

Designed for versatility, our wireless smart otoscope comes with six interchangeable silicone ear pick tips. Whether you prefer soft, medium, or firm tips, you can tailor your experience for optimal comfort and effectiveness, making ear cleaning a personalized and enjoyable task.

APP Synchronously Record Video

Seamlessly integrate your ear inspection experience with our dedicated mobile app. Not only does it provide real-time visual feedback, but it also allows you to record videos synchronously for later review or consultation. Stay connected and informed with just a few taps on your smartphone.

25℃ Temperature Control, Non-stimulating

Safety and comfort are paramount, which is why our ear wax removal tool camera features advanced temperature control technology. Maintaining a gentle and non-stimulating temperature of 25°C ensures a soothing and pleasant experience, free from discomfort or irritation.

240 mAh Battery Capacity, 60 Minutes Continuous Use

Enjoy extended usage without interruption thanks to the robust 240mAh battery capacity. With up to 60 minutes of continuous operation on a single charge, you can tackle multiple ear inspections or cleaning sessions without worrying about running out of power.

Excellent WiFi Chip Fast and Stable Signal Transmission

Experience seamless connectivity and fast signal transmission with our ear spoon’s excellent WiFi chip. Say goodbye to lag or connectivity issues, and enjoy smooth, uninterrupted streaming of high-definition visuals directly to your device.

Type-C Charge Cable, 70 Minutes Fast In Charge

Charging your otoscope ear wax removal is quick and convenient with the included Type-C charge cable. In just 70 minutes, you can fully recharge your device, ensuring minimal downtime between uses and keeping you prepared for whenever you need i



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