Application Of Borescope Endoscope Camera In Aerospace Field

The Borescope Endoscope Camera features visualization, no need to disassemble, and simplicity and portable. It can help technicians to detailed inspection equipment internal parts. It is widely used in the aircraft maintenance and aerospace equipment.

Industrial endoscopes are also called borescope endoscope camera. As a non-destructive visual inspection method, they are widely used in the manufacturing, maintenance, and inspection of aircraft and aerospace equipment. It has the advantages of visualization, no need for disassembly, simplicity and portability, and can conduct three-dimensional measurement and evaluation of internal damage of the equipment. It greatly saves operation and maintenance costs and testing time, and is a powerful helper to ensure the safe and stable operation of aerospace equipment.

The application of borescope equipment in the aerospace field is mainly divided into the following points:

Defect detection and risk assessment

Aircraft engine borescope can be used to visually inspect key parts such as the fuselage, landing gear, and engine. For example, whether the aircraft blades have cracks, corrosion, pits, etc., risk assessment can be carried out, and scientific maintenance and repair measures can be taken in a timely manner to avoid missed inspections or unnecessary disassembly. While ensuring flight safety, it also saves inspection time and maintenance costs.

Maintenance and repair guidance

Aircraft borescope inspection can provide technicians with real-time high-definition images and videos, accurately locate fault points, and can also perform visual re-examination of the repair results. This intuitive visual aid allows technicians to get twice the result with half the effort during maintenance operations, greatly improving the efficiency of maintenance operations and reduces operational risks.

Manufacturing and assembly

In the manufacturing process of aerospace equipment, a large number of precision parts need to be assembled. The processing quality and assembly technology of parts directly affect the flight safety of the spacecraft. After the assembly is completed, you can use a borescope endoscope camera to inspect its internal components and structure to ensure that the equipment is qualified and in place.

The application of borescope endoscope camera in aircraft engines, spacecraft and other fields requires different specifications to be selected according to actual conditions. For example, the diameter of the borescopes (depending on the detection port and detection space), the length of the detection line, the lighting source (white light, ultraviolet light, etc.) and the three-dimensional measurement function, etc. Choose the best borescope camera to achieve the best detection results.

If you want to purchase a borescope for engine inspection, or if you have any questions or needs about our products or services, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with support and assistance.

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