Articulating Borescope Solves Welding Inspection Problems

Articulating borescope has become a widely used welding inspection equipment, helping to detect welding problems quickly and accurately, Endosc industrial borescope is undoubtedly a practical tool tailor-made for welding inspection.

Welding is a common industrial manufacturing process that covers all aspects of industrial production and engineering construction, including electric power, testing, machinery manufacturing, petrochemicals, aerospace, automobiles and other industries, especially in the electric power field.

During the welding process, due to improper welding structure and raw materials, the weld may produce various defects, including pores, lack of fusion, foreign matter, burrs, and undercuts, etc. These defects not only affect product quality, but also lead to an increase in the scrap rate, thereby affecting product performance and service life, and even causing safety accidents.

An accident occurred in a power plant. Maintenance worker Jack fell to his death due to failure to fuse while welding a suspended filter ring. From this accident we can see that welding quality is very important. However, many welding environments are very complex and are usually located in closed, narrow and poorly lit spaces, making welding inspection extremely difficult and endangering industrial safety.

Traditional welding quality inspection mainly relies on visual judgment, but in environments with welded pipes, corners or poor lighting conditions, visual inspection cannot accurately detect welding problems. This may cause the issue to be ignored, creating a potential security risk.

In recent years, X-ray flaw detection welding technology has gradually improved. However, X-ray detection is susceptible to interference from complex detection environments, has low accuracy, and has high costs, which limits its application. With the emergence of modern inspection equipment led by industrial borescope, welding inspection methods have undergone earth-shaking changes. Inspectors no longer rely solely on visual observation. The use of borescope with camera effectively makes up for the shortcomings of X-ray inspection.

The S10 articulating borescope under the Endosc brand is undoubtedly a practical tool tailor-made for welding inspection. It works in complex, cramped and dimly lit environments to detect defects in welds such as voids, lack of fusion, foreign matter, burrs, undercuts, cracks and corrosion. Equipped with a 360-degree motorized articulating head for flexible control of photo and video capture during the inspection process. The side is equipped with adjustable LED lighting to ensure clear presentation under various lighting conditions, providing smooth, clear, and stable dynamic/static detection images to ensure the safety of inspection personnel. It has become a widely used welding inspection equipment, helping to detect welding problems quickly and accurately.

Today, borescope with articulating head represented by S10 are increasingly used in product manufacturing and engineering construction quality control, and have gradually become a standard inspection tool. They have made significant contributions to the detection and control of welding defects and ensuring the welding quality of the entire process, thus improving product quality and engineering safety.

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