Borescope Camera For Steel Pipe Inspection

Endosc is a well-known brand of borescope camera in China, we can provide various pipe camera inspection snake tools according customers' different needs.

Seamless steel pipe is a type of high-precision pipe processed by cold rolling or cold drawing. It is widely used in industrial transportation pipelines and mechanical structural parts such as petroleum, chemical industry, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instrumentation, etc.

Importance of inspection camera for pipes

While seamless steel pipes are widely used, pipe camera inspection has attracted more and more attention from manufacturers and users. The use of borescope camera to inspect pipes has become the new normal in the industry.

Addressing Corrosion Risks with pipe camera inspection

Seamless steel pipe camera inspection involves many links, such as production, quality inspection, factory inspection, acceptance, etc. After long-term use, some equipment and component structures will produce gaps or a large amount of sediments on the surface. Under the action of corrosive media, crevice corrosion of seamless steel pipes may lead to pipe bursts, pipe cracks and other problems. The most common ones are It means that the conveyed materials in the pipeline will leak, such as an oil pipeline rupture.

Introducing Endosc borescope camera

Therefore, in order to prevent such problems from occurring, you can use a borescope to pipe inspection to see if there is any corrosion. Endosc borescope camera is a special inspection device for the production and application of seamless steel pipe industry. It is portable, removable, recordable, and multifunctional, making it an ideal choice for industrial inspections.

Endosc pipe camera snake is a well-known brand of industrial borescope camera in China. Targeted solutions can be provided for customers’ different needs. Welcome all major seamless steel pipe production and application industries to come for consultation.

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