What Does The Features And Applications Of Endoscope Industrial Camera Have?

Endoscope industrial camera is a visual inspection tool that provides operators with a means to inspect and determine internal without damaging or disassembling the inspected object, it has greatly improved the efficiency of remote visual inspections work.

Endoscope industrial camera is a remote visual inspection tool that provides operators with a means to inspect and determine internal visual defects without damaging or disassembling the inspected object; this includes hole exploration of gas turbine blades Inspection, internal inspection of aircraft engines, internal inspection of automobile engines and diesel engines, quality control of casting parts, internal corrosion inspection of chemical equipment and heat exchangers, etc.

Aerospace, petrochemicals, wind power, automobile maintenance, bridge construction, many different fields may face similar detection problems: dark gaps, complex structures that block each other inside the equipment, inside closed cavities, and gaps between components to be assembled. Space, the depth of pipelines tens of meters or even hundreds of meters away… These are areas that cannot be seen by the human eye, but they are often areas that humans want to explore. The application of HD industrial endoscope can easily solve these problems…

  • “Video” – the imaging principle uses photoelectric conversion technology. Different from fiber optic endoscopes, the front-end imaging of industrial video endoscopes uses photoelectric sensing equipment, which convert optical signals into electrical signals, and the back-end detects the presentation, processing, and storage of images. In addition to being more convenient, it is easier for inspection personnel to view the inspection image on the display screen without looking through the eyepiece.
  • “High Definition” – the image quality is taken to a higher level. It involves two aspects: clearer pixels and richer details, making it easier for inspectors to find and accurately identify more subtle defects during the inspection process.
  • More powerful measurement capabilities. The high-definition image quality makes it possible to measure large-sized defects more accurately, taking advanced measurement technology to a higher level.

Camara endoscopica industrial are more convenient to use thanks to the high integration, comfort of observation, and convenience of management brought about by digitalization. Coupled with high-definition imaging characteristics and powerful measurement functions, this equipment can not only be used in various fields mentioned at the beginning, but also can meet more demanding inspection challenges. For example: aerospace engine borehole exploration, From qualitative search for defects to quantitative analysis of defect severity, it is necessary with more trustworthy inspection results, high-definition industrial video endoscopes can better meet the needs.

The performance of the probe insertion tube part also requires special attention when purchasing endoscope industrial camera. The snake cable length, probe diameter and probe guide function selection all depend on the requirements of the detection working conditions. The probe insertion tube can be rigid, Semi-rigid, plastic or flexible, the protective outer material of the probe insertion tube can be PVC, stainless steel or tungsten steel; no matter what material the probe insertion tube is made of, it is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, oil-proof and waterproof.

Different from industrial optical fiber endoscopes, HD video endoscopes can store high-quality, detailed endoscopic pictures and videos, and can display endoscopic images in real time on an integrated handheld display and operating machine.

The emergence of simple, easy-to-use handheld industrial video borescopes has greatly improved the efficiency of remote visual inspection work. They allow operators to shoot high-resolution, color-restored true endoscopic images, and add text or text to the real-time images.

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