What Are The Application Areas Of HD Borescope Camera?

The main application areas of Endosc industrial HD Borescope Camera are:

HD borescope camera applied in Aviation sector

The clear image quality of the CCD image sensor, aviation borescope can be used to quickly inspect engine core and fuselage defects, including: ablation, cracks in the combustion chamber, blade impact damage defects, etc., as well as wear, corrosion or cracks in fuselage components, etc., so as to Carry out condition-based maintenance according to the requirements of the aircraft maintenance manual. The application of HD borescope camera has greatly improved the detection efficiency and the reliability of detection data.

Borescope Camera applied in Oil and natural gas

The high definition borescope provides bright illumination and clear imaging capabilities, which can help workers quickly detect internal defects in drilling rigs, drill pipes, oil well pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment, and is capable of inspecting large areas such as oil pipes. Especially in a pinch, the Endosc high resolution borescope ensures the device can run longer.

handheld borescope camera applied in Electric power field

Without dismantling the power equipment, the integrated handheld borescope camera can be used to quickly enter hard-to-reach areas and “observe” instead of the human eye, inspecting gas turbines, boilers, wind turbine gearboxes, steam headers, and water supply heating. Internal conditions of equipment such as heaters and desuperheaters, and accurately assess whether defects such as wear, burns, corrosion, etc. will affect the operation of electrical equipment.

High Quality Automobile borescope camera

As you know, the internal structure of a car engine is very complex, and the space is also very small. The Endosc high resolution borescope camera S10 can not only 360° steering, but is also equipped with a 5-inch large color IPS display screen, which can help maintenance personnel achieve comprehensive and fast inspection of the interior of the engine. The inspection of complex pipelines such as pistons and valves has also become easier.

borescope Video camera applied in Other fields

Endosc HD borescope camera can also be used for inspection tasks in many fields such as bridge construction, rail transit, pipeline welding, municipal drainage, etc. It is an indispensable and important camera inspection tools for those borescope inspection services companys

To learn more about the application fields of Endosc HD borescope camera, please feel free to contact us.

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