How To Choose The Best Videoscope Borescope?

Using videoscope borescope, inspectors and workers can easily explore hidden spaces and tiny holes that are invisible to the naked eye, and follwing we will explain the application and selection of flexible borescope in detail through some examples.

Videoscope borescope is an advanced and efficient visual non-destructive inspection tools, which has attracted more and more attention. Using industrial endoscopes, inspectors can easily explore hidden spaces and tiny holes that are invisible to the naked eye, and can also control the lens to turn 360 degrees to fully inspect the internal conditions of the equipment. In addition, videoscope borescope can perform precise size and depth measurements of defects within equipment and record inspection results to generate detailed reports. These functions are not only convenient and easy to use, but more importantly, they can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce downtime, providing a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of industrial production. For different industries, how can you choose the best borscopes that suits you? The following will explain the application and selection of videoscope borescope in detail through the application examples of Endosc endoscopes.

Use videoscope borescope to inspect gearbox

The videoscope borescope can be used to visually detect the internal conditions of the gearbox. Without disassembling the gearbox, the condition of the tooth surface can be clearly observed to see whether there are pitting, burning, cracks, etc. Since the internal space of the gearbox is relatively small, Large, fiber optic illuminated endoscopes are often used. The diameter of the lens is generally 4-6mm, can be turned 360°, and is 2 meters long. It needs to be equipped with a special support pole.

Use flexible borescope to inspect aircraft engines

In aircraft engine inspection, defects need to be measured, so we generally choose an industrial videoscope with a measurement function, which can measure the size and depth of defects on the blades. The diameter is 6mm or 4mm. The internal space of the aircraft engine is large, and the lighting We choose fiber optic lighting with a length of 2 meters.

Use flexible borescope camera to inspect pipelines

When using an sewer camera to detect pipelines, we must first select the type according to the diameter and length of the pipeline to be tested. If the diameter is within 30mm, generally a 6mm diameter endoscope can be selected. If the diameter of the pipeline exceeds 30mm, a diameter of 23mm or more is generally selected. Lens or rotatable lens, the length of the inspection line can be selected according to the actual situation, up to 100 meters. Through the flexible endoscope, we can detect whether there are foreign objects and welding conditions in the pipeline.

Use HD borescope to detect castings

Through videoscope endoscope visual inspection, quality problems such as sand inclusions, burrs, and staggered holes in castings can be quickly detected. The inspection frequency of castings is generally higher and the wear is larger, but the length is shorter. Endoscopes cameras are generally required to use alloy probes or Rigid rod endoscopes need to be wear-resistant and durable to reduce usage costs. The diameter is 4-6mm, and a rigid endoscope is more practical.

Use borescope cylinder inspection the automobile engine

The industrial inspection camera is used to detect the engine. It mainly detects whether there is wear on the cylinder wall of the engine combustion chamber and whether there is carbon deposits on the valves, pistons and other parts. The endoscopic lens is required to be able to turn 360°, with a bending angle greater than 180°, a diameter of 6mm, and LED lighting. That’s it.

As we can see from the above, videoscope borescope is increasingly used in industrial testing. It is very important to choose the best borescopes. The Endosc industrial camera endoscope has accumulated rich and valuable experience in many years of front-line use. It can be based on Based on your actual situation, we will propose the best solution for you and look forward to your consultation.

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