How To Use Handheld Borescope And Operating Procedures?

The purpose of industrial snake borescope is to help inspectors view narrow spaces that cannot be directly inspected with the naked eye without damaging the equipment, such as cavities within equipment, pipes depths, drain pipe inspection, etc.

There are also various types of industrial borescopes on the market, including high-definition handheld borescope, automotive endoscopes, 360 articulating borescope, etc. Although their brands, types, and application fields are different, the basic operating steps and processes are similar. In order to help you better understand this camera inspection tool.

For borescope cameras, the appropriate configuration should first be selected based on the conditions of the area being inspected (the probe diameter and snake cable length, as well as the focal length and field of view of the lens, etc should be considered). Here I hope that all inspection workers can maintain good working habits. It is recommended that you check and confirm whether the illumination of your handheld borescope is normal, whether the image is clear, and whether the probe can work normally after turning on the machine, and then start to proceed below.

How to use handheld borescope camera?

Enter the inspection area

When extending the borescope probe into the pipe, it is required to move steadily to avoid damage to the probe due to collision with the channel wall. During specific operations, the probe must be held close to the inspection hole throughout the entire process and should not let go. In addition, you can Use auxiliary tooling to “escort” the probe through the channel smoothly, strive to reach the area to be inspected accurately at one time.

Finding defects

This is easy to say, just stare at the borescope screen. In fact, it is far from that simple. In this link, you must make good use of the probe guidance function and try to cover the entire area of the inspected space.

Taking photos and videos

This is a common step for handheld borescope camera inspection. Still taking the product shown in the picture above as an example, during the inspection process, press the “photograph button” to capture the current image, and then press the “save” button to store the static inspection image obtained by taking the photo; for video recording, you can call up the system menu. And select the “Recording” submenu to start the recording process, and you can see a flashing red dot appear in the upper right corner of the screen. These menu operations and screen displays are very similar to how we use computers, just follow normal usage habits.

Clean foreign matter

If a foreign object is found inside the device being inspected, Endosc borescope with screen S10 can be used to locate the foreign object, and then the robot hand can grab the foreign object and remove it.

Operation steps after endoscopic examination is completed

Inspection through handheld borescope usually has a relatively large workload and high work intensity. Of course, it is a happy thing to complete the inspection work, but you still have to complete the finishing work calmly. First, the probe must be withdrawn slowly. At this stage, it is easy to damage the probe due to too fast movement. After that, the equipment should be stored in the correct way, including performing necessary cleaning work with alcohol (cleaning the probe and lens, etc.)

A professional inspector should also record key information during use handheld borescope, including problems discovered, equipment changes, etc. This not only improves the operation level, but also helps track the equipment status and making it easier to trace the fault cause.

This article uses industrial video endoscopes as an example to explain. If you are using an optical endoscope, the operating details may be different. It is recommended that you refer to this article and operate according to the product manual provided by the borescope manufacturers or suppliers. If you encounter any questions or difficulties during use, you are welcome to contact the Endosc team at any time. We will wholeheartedly provide you with support and help.

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