How To Select The Probe Diameter Of Endustrial Endoscope?

Selecting the probe diameter for industrial endoscope is crucial. It should be smaller than the detection channel, but other factors matter too. Consider depth, space size, and flexibility for efficient inspection. Contact us for best quality snake camera.

Selecting the appropriate probe diameter of the industrial endoscope is one of the important prerequisites for the smooth implementation of endoscopic inspection. Many users think that as long as the diameter of the probe is smaller than the diameter of the detection channel, it is fine, but this consideration is not perfect. Selecting the diameter of the industrial endoscope probe requires comprehensive consideration: the diameter of the detection channel, the depth of the detection position, the size of the detection space, etc. The details are explained below.

Basic Principles For Selecting The Diameter Of Snake Camera:

  • Smaller than the diameter of the detection channel: The probe diameter must be smaller than the diameter of the detection channel (pipe or hole), and a certain margin must be left to ensure that the probe can enter and exit the detection channel relatively smoothly. For example, a common empirical value is: The probe diameter should not be larger than 4/5 of the diameter of the detection channel.
  • Consider the depth of the detection position: The direct impact of diameter on detection is reflected in the pushing process of the probe. In addition to being able to enter the detection channel, the camera probe should also be able to be pushed smoothly to the location to be detected. If the location is relatively deep, the probe wire is required to have a certain hardness. Generally, the larger the probe diameter, the easier it will be to push. For example: During the maintenance of thermal power plants, probe lines of 10 meters or even longer are often required for boiler headers or large pipes. In this case, a diameter of 8.4mm is easier to push than a diameter of 6.1mm.
  • Consider the size of the inspection space: For endoscopic inspection of large-space cavities, such as inspection of power plant boiler headers, steam turbines, pressure vessels, etc., it is usually necessary to provide brighter lighting, and the larger the diameter of the probe, the smaller the front end of the probe. The larger the light-emitting area, the more light is emitted, the brighter the inside of the cavity, and the clearer the endoscopic image. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a larger probe diameter as much as possible when detecting large-space cavities.

Things To Note When Choosing The Probe diameter Of Snake Inspection Camera:

Using one snake inspection camera to meet all detection needs may not be the most ideal solution. It is not difficult to see from the principles introduced above that when there are multiple detection caliber requirements, if the smallest probe is selected based on the smallest caliber, it is the most economical and practical, but it may cause difficulties in pushing long-distance detection, and Problems such as insufficient illumination for large cavity detection. Therefore, it is recommended not to settle all inspections on the smallest diameter. You can change your mind and choose deep heads with different diameters, which may be a more cost-effective solution. For example: in the power plant inspection mentioned earlier, in addition to the inspection of large headers and pressure vessels, the generator rotor is usually inspected.

In summary, the correct selection of the probe diameter of the industrial endoscope should take into account the depth of the detection position and the large detection space on the premise that the probe diameter must be smaller than the diameter of the detection channel. In the case of small diameters, try to choose a probe with a larger diameter; in cases where the detection objects are diverse and the detection environment is complex, you can consider choosing two or more probes with different diameters head to more reasonably meet all testing needs.

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