Introduction To Industrial Oil-proof Endoscope

The oil-proof endoscope is introduced and the importance of oil-proof industrial endoscope in equipment inspection in petroleum environment is emphasized. Industrial oil-proof borescope can effectiveness of inspection procedures in oil-filled environments.

An industrial endoscope is an instrument that can inspect and observe the internal conditions of equipment components. There are various internal environments of industrial equipment, and oil environment is a common one. The industrial oil-proof endoscope has a fully enclosed design probe that can clearly view the internal structure and internal surface conditions of equipment in an oil environment, simplifying inspection procedures and inspection costs, and ensuring device safety.

Industrial oil is an important substance that ensures the normal operation of industrial equipment. It has various functions such as lubricating, rust-proofing, heat dissipation, and shock absorption. Therefore, the equipment inside filled with oil is a common working environment encountered during endoscopic camera inspections. Industrial camera snake use a series of precision components such as the lens at the front of the probe and the image sensor (camera) to achieve remote visual inspection. If these components are exposed to oil, they will not only affect the detection imaging, but may also cause damage. Therefore, the oil exploration in the environment requires the use of industrial oil-proof borescope.

Which Is The Best Industrial Oil-proof Endoscope?

Endosc S10 industrial borescope with moving head, it is a very good industrial oil-proof endoscope product. Its protective performance is detailed as follows:

  • The optical objective lens adapter lens is one-piece formed by laser welding. It has high strength and good sealing performance. The outer surface has an oleophobic coating, which makes it difficult for oil to adhere to during endoscopic exploration and is easy to clean;
  • The lens and the camera with titanium housing are connected by a double-threaded structure and have a sealing ring to effectively prevent oil from penetrating;
  • Laser welding technology is used between the guide joint and peripheral components such as the camera, so there is no leakage gap:
  • The outer skin of the probe hose not only has wear-resistant double-layer tungsten wire protection, no braided mesh, but also has a polyurethane outer coating to easily cope with oil application environments:
  • The fully enclosed design of the deep head can be used in environments such as salt water, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, isopropyl alcohol, JP-4 fuel, kerosene, synthetic turbine oil, gasoline, diesel fuel hydraulic oil, and built-in transformer oil. use.

Application Examples Of Oil-proof Industrial Endoscopes

Not only can they be used for endoscopy inspections in conventional environments, but they can also be used for inspections in oil environments such as wind power gearboxes, hydraulic oil cooling equipment, and transformers with built-in insulating oil.

To give a specific example, foreign objects in the transformer may cause short-circuit faults. When performing oil-proof industrial endoscope, you only need to drain the insulating oil in the transformer below the hand hole, and then directly insert the probe of the oil-proof endoscope from the hand hole. Reach into the inside of the transformer to search. This process is implemented in insulating oil. You can also detect side images and discover and locate foreign objects for prompt removal.

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