Inspection Camera Borescope To Inspect Parts Inner Cavity

Inspection camera borescope can be used to inspect the inner cavity of parts or equipment, it is a practical inspection instrument that can replace the human eye to inspect those narrow areas that are inaccessible.

We know that inspection camera borescope is widely used in various industries, involving the development, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of machinery, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, railway engineering vehicles, and transportation vehicles. For example, inspection videoscope can be used to non-destructively inspect the internal conditions of equipment or parts. The intuitive and clear image presentation allows even subtle defects to be seen at a glance.

The industrial borescope inspection camera, also called a borescope, is a non-destructive testing instrument that replaces the human eye to observe places that are beyond the reach of the human eye. It also zooms in and out of objects to clearly view the internal defects of the object. You can freeze images for graffiti marking, and the images can be exported for easy storage. Therefore, inspection videoscope camera has become an important tool for current visual non-destructive testing and have a huge role in promoting the development of industrial manufacturing.

There are several main steps to use an inspection camera borescope to check the inner cavity of parts:

  • Check the weld defects and check the welding quality such as cracks and defects on the weld surface;
  • Check the surface of the inner cavity for defects such as cracks, peeling, wire pulling, scratches, pits, bulges, spots, corrosion, etc.;
  • After certain products are put into operation, perform endoscopic inspection according to the items specified in the technical requirements;
  • Check the residual material in the product cavity.

Endosc is a well-known industrial inspection camera supplier in China. With its good performance, high-quality services, personalized solutions, etc., currently, Endosc industrial borescopes launch a series of endoscopy cameras with different probe diameters, different lengths, and different imaging pixels. Looking glass products cover various inspection fields such as industry, pipelines, ultra-fine workpieces, etc. In order to meet the needs of different users, we can provide personalized solutions for different customers, and are recognized and praised by the majority of users.

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