Pipe Inspection Cameras Enables Non-disassembly Inner Inspect

A tiny camera on the front of the pipe inspection cameras captures images and then transmits them to a display screen. Therefore, even without disassembling the equipment, workers can still accurately inspect and judge the condition of the equipment.

Faced with the maintenance problems of large industrial equipment, I believe many inspection personnel will feel at a loss what to do. If the equipment is disassembled at will, it will often cause wear and equipment damage. But without disassembly, there is no way to check the condition of the inner parts of the device. This results in inspection results that are not detailed enough and many hidden problems cannot be discovered. So, what should we do in this situation?

Faced with this difficult problem, we need to use this kind of inspection tools with camera – a pipe inspection cameras. The tinny camera on the front end of the digital inspection camera can collect images and then transmit them to the display screen. Therefore, even without disassembling the equipment, we can still observe and judge the inside of the fault point, which effectively improves the accuracy and operability of large industrial equipment faults and helps inspection personnel successfully complete the diagnosis of equipment faults. and exclusion work.

what areas are pipe inspection cameras usually used?

Many workers use industrial borescope inspection camera to inspect the inner lumen of some large containers, drain pipeline, production equipment and areas under special environments, especially those equipment that cannot be disassembled. At this time, it is even more necessary to use it.

Advantages of endosc pipe inspection cameras?

  • Multiple certifications and safety inspections: Professional industrial endoscope have passed safety level certification; the protection levels of the camera probe and host are IP67 and IP54 respectively. They can still work normally even in some harsh environments, providing excellent support for innerl inspection of large equipment.
  • In addition, the snake tube and rigid cable of our digital inspection camera can be customized in length, and all use 1080P megapixel HD cameras. The probe diameter can be customized from 3.9~12mm; it can inspect underground power distribution rooms, Inner inspection of special large equipment such as large gearboxes and diesel engines.
  • Quickly locate and save inspection data: In particular, our articulating borescope inspection camera S10 supports 360° rotation of the head, which can quickly detect and identify problems. At the same time, you can also use the built-in SD memory card to save and share picture and video data for easy data comparison.
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