Can Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera Guarantee Weld Quality?

Sewer pipe inspection camera is an instrument that used for inspect those surface conditions that cannot be directly seen by the naked eye. With easy operation, fast detection, it is very convenient for pipeline inspection without any equipment disassembly.

Welds play a vital role in the connection of stainless steel pipes. The quality of welds has a decisive impact on the internal quality of pipe transportation and is also an indispensable part of the industrial manufacturing process. Traditional weld quality inspection methods usually use destructive sampling inspection, which is not only inefficient but also cannot fully reflect the overall quality of the pipeline. With the development of science and technology, the emergence of pipe inspection cameras provides new solutions for comprehensive inspection of weld quality.

What Is sewer pipe inspection camera?

As we talked aboved, sewer pipe inspection camera is an optical instrument that can observe surface conditions that cannot be directly seen by the naked eye by inserting into the steel pipe being inspected. It has the advantages of easy operation, fast detection, and non-destructiveness, and has become an indispensable tool for detecting internal weld defects in modern pipe.

Application of pipe inspection cameras

  • Detecting weld defects: pipe video inspection camera can detect various defects in welds, such as pores, inclusions, lack of fusion, etc. Through high-definition photography and image processing technology, the shape of defects inside the weld can be clearly displayed, so that the type and severity of the defects can be accurately judged.
  • Detecting the shape of welds: Sewer pipe video inspection camera can observe the shape of welds, such as weld width, height, groove angle, etc. By measuring and analyzing the shape of the weld, the quality of the weld and the stability of the welding process can be evaluated.
  • Detecting welding quality: Endosc pipe inspection cameras can observe the surface quality of the weld, such as the flatness, color, gloss, etc. of the weld surface. By observing and analyzing the welding surface, we can evaluate the quality of the welding and whether there are welding defects.
  • Detecting welding residues: Our pipe video inspection camera can analyze the distribution of welding residues by observing the deformation of the weld. This is of great significance for evaluating the safety and stability of welded structures.

Advantages of sewer pipe inspection camera

  • Non-destructive testing: Sewer pipe inspection camera will not cause damage to pipelines and can be tested without damaging the product.
  • Comprehensive detection: Endosc 360° rotating industrial endoscope can comprehensively detect the entire weld defect without leaving any dead corners, improving the accuracy and reliability of detection.
  • Real-time imaging: The pipe video inspection camera has a high-resolution camera system that can obtain images inside the weld in real time, making it easy to detect and locate defects in a timely manner.
  • Quickly replace pipelines of different diameters: Our sewer pipe video inspection camera can separate the host machine and pipelines with one click, and replace pipeline probes according to different steel pipe detection diameters.
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