What Is An Industrial Endoscope And How To Use Snake Camera?

endoscope snake is a powerful assistant for inspection the internal safety hazards of equipment, we will introduce what is an industrial endoscope, working principle, usage, and main applications of snake endoscope to help you quickly understand this tool.

As people pay more and more attention to product quality and equipment safety, visual inspection tools endoscope snake have gradually become a powerful assistant for inspecting the internal quality of products and preventive inspection of internal safety hazards of equipment. This article will introduce what is an industrial endoscope, working principles, usage, common classifications and main applications of endoscope snake to help you quickly understand this tool.

what is an industrial endoscope?

Endoscope snake can help people “see” in real time without damaging the gap structure, dismantling pipelines, dismantling equipment, emptying oil, or entering dangerous areas. Snake endoscope can solve the problem of inaccessible sight, and at the same time have the advantages of non-destructive, simple operation, intuitive effects, and quantitative analysis.

working principle of endoscope borescope snake inspection camera

Snake inspection camera are composed of light source, imaging, image transmission, processing, display and other subsystems. After the probe enters the object, the light outlet at the end of the probe projects light to illuminate the detected area. The imaging device at the end of the probe captures the detection image and transmits it to the display screen through the imaging sub system of optical signals or electrical signals. , after necessary processing, the inspection personnel can see the real-time inspection image on the eyepiece or monitor, thereby understanding the internal conditions of the object being inspected.

How To Use An endoscope borescope snake inspection camera?

First, select the appropriate access probe hole and detection path on the outer surface of the object. For example, the car engine can be detected through the spark plug, the detection pipeline can be through its outlet or inlet, etc., and then the snake endoscope probe is pushed to the area to be detected, and real-time Observed. During this process, the inspector can also use the touch screen or joystick and panel buttons to adjust the probe steering as needed, or perform operations such as zooming images, taking photos, video recordings, and measuring defects, thereby completing qualitative observations, quantitative measurements, storing files and complete operation procedures such as outputting test reports.

main application of snake endoscope camera

Snake endoscope can be used in petrochemical industry, industrial machinery, electronics and electrical, aerospace, energy and electricity, automobile manufacturing and maintenance, rail transportation, security inspection and other fields. The inspection objects include turbines, automobile engines, various pipelines, and boiler assemblies. Boxes, pump valves, heat exchangers, steam turbines, pressure vessels, assembly areas, and freight containers, etc. You can view the internal structure, cavity and inner wall defects of pipes in real time, monitor the assembly process…

To sum up, ustrial endoscope makes clever use of imaging technology to help inspectors see the inside of the object being inspected without causing damage to the object. It is an important tool for comprehensively inspecting product quality, reducing equipment maintenance and inspection costs, and improving inspection efficiency. if you are interested to our product, pls feel free to contat Endosc, a professional video borescope suppliers.

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