What Is Bore Scope Camera And How To Maintain?

Bore scope camera is a high-tech visual detection tool that is widely used in equipment maintenance and inspection in aviation, automobile, electric power, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The flexible design of the bore scope camera allows the operator to peer device inside by inserting camera probe into a pipe or hole without disassembling. This detection method not only greatly improves work efficiency, but also reduces maintenance costs.

Although bore scope camera have many advantages, users may encounter some common problems during use. Below, we will answer these questions in detail.

What Is Bore Scope Camera?

It is inserted into the device inside through a pipe or hole and transmits images of the interior to an external display screen for the operator to observe and analyze. There are many types of scope cameras, including rigid inspection camera, flexible camera snake, articulating screen camera. Depending on the use environment and needs, it is important to choose the appropriate video inspection camera.

What Are The Common Uses Of Bore Scope Camera?

Bore scope camera is used in a wide range of applications, covering almost every industry that requires non-destructive internal inspection. In the aviation field, scope cameras can be used to inspect the internal structure of aircraft engines; in automotive repair, they can be used to inspect engines, brake systems; in the power and petrochemical industries, endoscopes can be used to inspect pipe lines and storage tanks, etc.

Common Problems When Using Scope Cameras?

  • Poor image quality: This may be due to contamination or damage to the scope cameras lens, or it may be due to insufficient light or aging of the fiber optic bundle. To solve this problem, try cleaning or replacing the lens, increasing the lighting intensity, or replacing the fiber optic bundle with a new one.
  • Difficult to operate: In some cases, the video snake camera may be difficult to insert inside the device, or may not reach the intended viewing position. This may be due to insufficient flexibility, or the complex internal structure of the device. At this point, you can try using a different type of borescope snake, or adjust the insertion path and angle.
  • Data transfer issues: If there is a problem with the data transmission between the video snake camera and the display screen, it may cause image distortion or interruption. This could be due to a loose or damaged cable, or a faulty data transmission device. Fixing this problem usually requires checking and tightening the cables, or replacing the damaged device.

How To Maintain Bore Scope Camera?

Proper care and maintenance are critical to extending the life of your endoscope. Here are some suggestions:

  • Before use, check whether the appearance and structure of the bore scope camera are intact, whether the lens is clear, and whether the optical fiber bundle is intact.
  • During use, avoid exposing the endoscope to extreme temperatures, humidity, or corrosive environments to avoid damaging its internal structure.
  • The lens and housing of the scope cameras should be cleaned promptly after use to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. At the same time, endoscopes should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture and mildew.
  • Perform regular maintenance and inspections of video snake camera, including replacement of worn parts.

In short, as an efficient non-destructive testing tool, bore scope camera provides great convenience for equipment maintenance and testing in various industries. However, during use, users need to pay attention to possible problems and take appropriate maintenance and care measures to ensure the normal operation of the scope cameras and extend its service life.

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